Organized Crime Shoplifting Rings

by dave on June 14, 2012

Criminal organizations are actively involved in shoplifting rings in major cities nationwide. 

Shoplifting rings often resell stolen goods online or oversees, whenever they can move the most product for the most profit. Major retailers in cities like Chicago are working hard to figure out how to stop and prevent these losses, which are estimated in the billions.

The data isn’t there to determine how much of this theft might be employee theft, though some studies have shown that employee theft can be a bigger cost than shoplifters.

Some states have more serious penalties for organized theft, and virtually all state statutes have different thresholds for the value of goods taking that elevates a charge to a felony level offense.

Most shoplifting is still done by individuals who are desperate or many have other problems that lead them to bad decisions they seriously regret.

If you are arrested for shoplifting, call us to speak with a local defense attorney in your area who can give you more information about what you are facing, and what you can do about it.

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