A shoplifting charge in Arizona may have resulted from an honest mistake or a lapse in judgment. But regardless of the motivation, if you are facing Arizona shoplifting charges, you are facing serious penalties and long lasting repercussions. The courts in Arizona take shoplifting charges very seriously and you can be made to feel like a convicted criminal long before your case even goes to court.

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Having an experienced Arizona defense lawyer on your side when you go in front of the judge and even before can give you an edge—it’s having your own advocate within the system. Without an attorney the Arizona courts can seem intimidating and only focused on your demise. But, your lawyer can help ensure your side of the story is heard, and get the fairest possible outcome.

You deserve an opportunity for a fair hearing and a second chance.

Arizona Shoplifting Penalties

In Arizona, the penalty you face for a shoplifting charge is directly related to the value of the goods that were stolen. This is true in many states across the country, though the exact values vary. The chart below outlines the value, charge, and potential sentence.

Value of Shoplifted Item Charge Potential Sentence
Less than $1,000 Class 1 misdemeanor 6 months in jail
$1,000- $2,000 Class 6 felony 1 year in prison
$2,000 or more Class 5 felony 18 months in prison


Enhanced Penalties

If the shoplifting offense involved a firearm, you will face a class 6 felony charge under Arizona law regardless of the value of the weapon.

Ref: ARS §13-1805

How An Attorney Can Help An Arizona Shoplifting Charge

The sentences listed above are the maximum potential sentences for each single count under Arizona shoplifting laws. A judge doesn’t have to sentence you to the maximum and instead typically chooses a lower sentence, particularly if you have a relatively clean criminal history.

If it appears as though a conviction is imminent or even just likely, your defense attorney can discuss a possible plea agreement with the prosecution. This could result in you getting the charges reduced and possibly avoiding jail time altogether.

All of your options and the likelihood that you’ll have a positive outcome from these Arizona shoplifting charges are dependent on the specifics of your case. How the offense was allegedly committed, your criminal history, and your motivations for committing the offense can all play a role in the prosecution’s case against you and the ultimate outcome. Your defense attorney can help by ensuring the court is given a fair picture of you and what happened on the date of the alleged offense.

If you are facing Arizona shoplifting charges you need a local defense lawyer on your side. Take advantage of a free legal case evaluation to determine your best options.